This past Thursday me and a couple friends went up to New York for the Casio Tryx Out: NYC 2011 launch party.  They showcased the release of their new “Tryx” camera, that I actually quite liked, in collaboration with Best Buy. After attending a press conference followed by a hour or so of h’ordeurves and mingling they held a concert featuring the The Roots and Nicki Minaj.

The Roots started off the concert giving an amazing performance as always. After seeing them perform a couple times I noticed that I’ve never seen them perform music from their latest albums. Their set usually includes their 90’s classics such as You Got Me and The Movement and then a plethora of funk/soul/rap and maybe a cover or two.  Either way I go to see a good show and more importantly hear good music. If they can provide a whole set of music that I am unfamiliar with and I’m still able to bob my head and vibe off the energy then I think that is the true definition of talent. They are undoubtedly one of the best artist to come out of Philly with their sense of originality, musical ability and performance quality.  We so often see a talented artist create a name for themselves underground and then get a taste of mainstream success provoking them to change their whole style. The Roots have never strayed from the audience that has been supporting their music from the beginning and that is what has probably allowed them to keep a loyal fan base and remain relevant and well respected in todays hip-hop world without much play from radio and television. Check out the other videos from the night HERE

                                                   OCD- Possibilities

           The up coming rap group “OCD” also going by the name of “Moosh&Tiwst” consist of members “Twist” (Oliver Feighan) and Moosh (DeQuincy McRae). Though they formulated the group in middle school and at one point consisted of three members, OCD finally gained some recognition with their video “Live it Up” in October of 2010. I believe they both have incredible lyrical talent which is something that is often overshadowed by good beats and catchy hooks. With the success they had from that one video and their quality of music, I think they have what it takes to make it to the next level and make a name for themselves in Hip Hop. I chose to post the unfinished version of possibilities instead of their more popular videos because it allows you to focus more on the lyrics and showcases them raw without all the extra stuff. Just the music.




Tyree Hudson made me a Twitttaaaahhh

Short Stories & Small Glories

Short Stories & Small Glories - Attia Taylor, August 2010

1. She’s a Mad Scientist

2. Did I Look Like Myself?

3. Make Me a Mixtape

4. Hezekiah and the Car

5. Dresses on Tricycles

6. Wonder the Wonderful

7. Diamond Cave

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Dear Universe by Attia Taylor

Dear Universe - Attia Taylor, November 2009

1. Flash Photography Class

2. What Happened To?

3. Quiet in the Noise Room

4. Fire Bones

5. Please Blame Yourself

6. Napalm Letters

Listen & Download

Do we even remember Reed Dollaz at this point?…and he was once so great. sigh.

Do we even remember Reed Dollaz at this point?…and he was once so great. sigh.

                                            Box and Bindle
            New Fashion blog selling mostly vintage clothing and accessories.

                                            Box and Bindle

            New Fashion blog selling mostly vintage clothing and accessories.

                                      The Roots Picnic 2010.

Duke & Winston

Long Live Duke (Eco Heather Grey) $32

            Created by Seun Olubodun in early 2009, the Duke & Winston clothing line has really taken off. Gaining attention from major local retailers such as Matthew Izzo as well as boutiques internationally, his aesthetic reminiscent of the past for the gentleman of the future has created a classic brand.

                                         Duke & Winston site


        Ben Melman aka Dj B-Mel, friend and long time classmate, is an upcoming Dj from the Main Line. He’s known for his hip-hop and electronica mash-ups as well as the numerous parties/raves/dances that he’s thrown. His latest event, The PED Festival, should be a compilation of hip-hop, indie-electronica, alternative rock, house music and techno all mushed into one night. With that, the party should be bumpin. Check him out. Buy tickets for PED Fest 2010 Here

               *Here’s links to a couple more of Super Mash Bros mash-ups.

                                 I Fucking Bleed Purple and Gold

                                 Livin the Dream (I’m on a Float)


The Roots and The Dirty Projectors - A Peace of Light, From the 2010 Album How I got Over


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